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All Rights Reserved1. PSD2MANY owns the whole and sole copyrights of all the software being served on this website. Imitation, distribution or redistribution, unofficial utilization or publication of any of the software registered by us regardless of any prior consent by PSD2MANY authorities is strictly prohibited. You are not subjected to utilize any part of our software functions in whole or part.


Our Support Team dedicatedly put forth all their efforts into serving you the best possible result. However, we at PSD2MANY follow a functional yet proactively well designed work regime to solve all the queries of our dear clients.


In order to keep up with the latest marketing trends, we make sure to upgrade with time, to reach newer prospects altogether. We assure our clients to make them aware about the updates on our software and services through emailing and other means of communication. Clients subscribing paid services would not be quoted extra for updating any software.


PSD2MANY ensures well equipped Tech Support to our clients. Our technical team will actively coordinate with our clients through Emails, voice calls, chats and even video calls; as per requirements of the query. Our clients’ support comprises of queries related to our software, bugs or error fixings to ensure the functioning is not interfered due to any technical hindrances. However, our support does not involve any customizations on our software but if the suggestion seemed viable then that request would be considered with some further nominal tariff.


PSD2MANY offers 30-day money back guarantee. If you wish to discontinue our service, you will have to appeal an unsubscription from that particular service and wait for our team to respond and confirm. The refund amount would exclude the installation charges. Our accounts department would get in touch with you with respect to the monetary formalities. You will receive the refund as soon as your request is confirmed by our team. The refund requests after 30 days are not considered. A client is subjected to not operate our software from the date of commencement for the refund process.


With respect to your personal and professional information saved in our database, you have the following rights to act upon: - 1. Right to access, update or to delete the information you have uploaded in our records.
2. Right to rectify your data if any of your information is inaccurate or incomplete.
3. Right to Question our functioning and usage of your personal information.
4. Right of Restricting the processing of your personal or professional information.
5. Right to withdraw your consent to opt for our services and also to withdraw your personal and professional information. If you are about to implement any of the above mentioned Rights, kindly contact our Support Team. info@psd2many.com


Psd2many’ wholly imparts in contributing to the development of a company through digital marketing and its components. However, Psd2many is not liable for unsatisfactory outcomes of any clients’ businesses.


These Terms and Conditions are subject to update in near future. PSD2MANY has complete rights to change or modify these Terms and Conditions at any point of time if required. If any minor or major update will be notified in our website page and if the alterations are major, then we will update it by providing it as an important notice and we will also notify you through email.